Friday, December 16, 2016

Smiles from the "R" Family

     I was extra excited to do photos with "R" Family on top of tall building in downtown Portland.  I have been working with my girl Tabitha (the mom) for years, through children's photography projects with PDX Kids Calendar and Metro Parent Magazine as well as fundraisers for the kids at Woodstock Elementary and fashion jewelry shoots for her Etsy shop, Recollected Pieces - make sure you check it out!  It was fun to see where Casey (the dad) works as well since the city skyline made for a fun backdrop in this shoot!
     Tabitha and Casey had told me before the photography session that their son would purposely not smile for photographers in the past, so it was extra fun to get a smile out of their bright and silly boy.  He was at least familiar with me already, but I was still staring him down with a camera lens.  I was so excited to see the joy on his face in the pictures, as well as the whole family -- smiles, giggles and jumps as well!  Their enthusiasm truly brightened my day!  I did promise their boy not to post the one of his adorable parents kissing each of his cheeks - a family photo tradition for the "R" family - so you will have to ask his mom or dad to see that one!
     The ground was wet but the sun was shining perfectly for this beautiful family!  Thank you "R" family for letting be part of your family memories!  You have truly blessed my life as both clients and family friends.

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